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3rd Q : 2021.

It will be listing at PancakeSwap in third quarter of 2021.

4 th Q : 2021.

Listing at Coin Market Cap and Coin Gecko in the last quarter of 2021.

1st Q : 2022.

Worthwhile Coin will be used with various well known e-commerce portals globally in the 1st quarter of 2022.

2nd Q : 2022.

Worthwhile Coin will launched their own exchange in the 2nd quarter of 2022.

3rd Q : 2022.

It will be listing at various most popular exchanges in 3rd Quarter of 2022.

4th Q : 2022.

Worthwhile Coin will be attached with blockchain Gaming platform in the 4th quarter of 2022.

Besides these above important points, also we have focused on transforming user's financial experience. This is why we have crystal clear mind to embrace any relevant futuristic technology/project. In addition to this, we will make meaningful efforts to ensure the following as well:
: Continuation of Worthwhile Coin (WHE) Istrategic alliances.
: Further development of our existing worldwide WHE community.
: Growth of our multi-utility Coin.
: Worthwhile Coin (WHE) ecosystem alliances.

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Name Price 24 hr% change market Cap 24hr volume price graph
Bitcoin $1097201 -2.45% $73.99B $4.588
Ethereum $1097201 -2.45% $73.99B $4.588
Bitcoin Cash $1097201 -2.45% $73.99B $4.588
Ripple $1097201 -2.45% $73.99B $4.588
IOTA $1097201 -2.45% $73.99B $4.588
Bitcoin Gold $1097201 -2.45% $73.99B $4.588
Ethereum Classic $1097201 -2.45% $73.99B $4.588
OmiseGO $1097201 -2.45% $73.99B $4.588
Ethereum $1097201 -2.45% $73.99B $4.588
Bitcoin $1097201 -2.45% $73.99B $4.588
Ethereum $1097201 -2.45% $73.99B $4.588
Pre-Sale Starts 7/31/2018
Pre-Sale Period 7/31/2018
Pre-Sale Cap 7/31/2018
Pre-Sale Terms 7/31/2018
Coin Sale Starts 7/31/2018
Coin Sale Period 7/31/2018
Soft Cap 7/31/2018
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